data feed
All data has been fully normalized by industry group, allowing for apples-to-apples comparisons between companies across industries. Our coverage scope is continually expanding and includes 90+ indicators and at least 5 years of data on all U.S. exchange listed companies for:
Income Statement
Revenue Other Revenue Total Revenue Cost of Revenue Gross Profit Research and Development Depreciation and Amortization SG&A Other Operating Expense Operating Expenses Total Expenses Operating Income Other Non-Operating Items, Net Interest Expense, Non-Operating Income Before Taxes Income Taxes Net Income from Continuing Operations Non-controlling Interest, Extraordinary Items, and Discontinued Operations Net Income Basic EPS Fully Diluted EPS Basic Average Shares Outstanding Fully Diluted Shares Outstanding
Balance Sheet
Cash and Cash Equivalents Short Term Investments Accounts Receivable Inventory Prepaid Expenses Other Current Assets Current Assets Net Property, Plant and Equipment Long Term Investments Goodwill and Intangibles Other Non-Current Assets Investments (for Financial Companies) Loans (for Financial Companies) Total Assets Accounts Payable Short Term Debt Current Portion of Long Term Debt Accrued Liabilities and Other Payables Other Current Liabilities Current Liabilities Long Term Debt Other Non-Current Liabilities Total Liabilities Common Stock Preferred Stock Treasury Stock Retained Earnings Additional Paid-In Capital Accumulated Other Comprehensive Income Other Equity Total Equity
Cash Flow Statement
Net Income (for CFS) Change in Working Capital Depreciation and Amortization (for CFS) Deferred Taxes Other Non-Cash Activities Total Cash from Operating Activities Capital Expenditures Other Investing Cash Flow Total Cash from Investing Activities Dividends and Distributions Purchase or Sale of Stock Purchase and Retirement of Debt Other Financing Cash Flow Total Cash from Financing Activities Exchange Rate Effects Net Change in Cash
Key Metrics and Ratios
Market Capitalization Enterprise Value EV / Revenue EV / EBITDA Trailing P/E Price to Sales Price to Book Book Value per Share Gross Margin Net Profit Margin Return on Assets Return on Equity Current Ratio Quick Ratio Debt to Equity Debt to Asset Basic EPS Fully Diluted EPS Basic Average Shares Outstanding Fully Diluted Shares Outstanding
Click on the links above to see all of the indicators we presently offer.

Company insiders include officers, directors and those with a greater than 10% ownership interest in the company. Timely knowledge of actions by these insiders is critically important because they possess the advantage of information over other investors. Our Insider Actions data set provides up to the minute current information on buy/sell/exchange activity by company insiders as well as comprehensive historical information for researching trends.

Data Included:

data feed
  • Up to date insider information for all companies filing with the SEC.
  • Comprehensive current data on all insider transactions: updated daily, including:

    • Transactions by officers.
    • Transactions by directors.
    • Transactions by large shareholders (greater than 10%).
    • Date of the transaction.
    • Type of transaction (buy, sell or exchange)
    • Value of the transaction
    • Summary of Insider Holdings
  • 3+ year history of all transactions.

Institutional investors include pension funds, hedge funds, mutual funds, insurance companies, high net worth family trusts, and exchange traded funds. These investors manage large amounts of money and hold significant equity positions in several companies. Keeping track of the buy/sell activity of the institutions provides insight for investment opportunities. It is equally important to know the volume of institutional ownership of a specific company. Our data sets identify the institutional owners of companies as well as the specific companies held by each institution.

Data Included:

data feed
Up to date information on 3,600+ institutions including:

  • Tickers of companies held
  • Total positions held
  • Number of shares owned per ticker
  • Value of shares held – aggregate and per ticker
  • % change in holdings quarter to quarter
  • Type of securities held

Includes at least one year of historical information for all institutions and tickers.


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